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Blucadia is the first and only online marketplace for hiring off-duty, commissioned law officers.

Blucadia provides a complete and fully automated off-duty management solution for Department and Cops, and gives Customers access to the best trained and qualified security professionals available!


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The best trained and qualified Cops.

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You're Covered

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Whether you represent a Police or Sheriff's Department hoping to more efficiently manage off-duty, are a Customer looking to fill your security needs, or are a Cop looking for new off-duty opportunities, the Blucadia marketplace is your solution - login to an existing profile, or create a new one.


"I recently hired Blucadia for security at the Sand Point Country Club here in Seattle. On Halloween, we have upwards of 1,000 people coming into our community through a single gate. The officer hired showed up early for the job, followed all procedures to the letter, was cheerful, professional and I am crediting him for what turned out to be an un-eventful evening. I would and will recommend Blucadia to anyone needing these services. I will most certainly use Blucadia for any and all future events.

The experience could not have been any better."

- Joe F., Property Manager


“The whole thing is incredibly streamlined and so easy to use!”

Seattle Police Officer


Built for departments that want transparency and accountability!



Blucadia provides a direct connection between Customers and the best trained law enforcement available – commissioned Cops.


The Blucadia Marketplace takes a complicated, manual process, and makes it infinitely easier by connecting Customers, Cops and Departments.


Transactions within the Blucadia Marketplace are 100% secure and in complete compliance with the US Patriot Act.


Email and text notifications let Cops know when Events are posted, and Customers know when Cops sign up.


The Blucadia marketplace is a web-based application, available on all of your devices.


The Blucadia Marketplace provides a centralized resource for all off-duty activity.

Meet the team working to change the way Cops and Customers connect.

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