The Company

Blucadia is an online marketplace for Departments, Cops and Customers to  manage all aspects of off-duty employment. Blucadia is a small, innovative startup in  the process of transforming a multi-billion dollar marketplace.

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The Location

We’re located in a beautiful, modern office space in downtown Olympia, Washington.  Olympia features a high quality of life, affordable housing options, and a vibrant  downtown, without the punishing commutes to Seattle’s tech hub.

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The Most Important Thing

The most important characteristic we look for is that you’re able to figure out what  should be done and get it done -- we need you to be thoughtful, motivated and responsible.  This is absolutely crucial in a small startup team; for this reason, we prefer that you  already have demonstrated this experience working in a prior startup.

Meet the Team

Available Positions

Senior JavaScript Developer

We are hiring a fourth engineer to assist the team in iterating our existing product, fixing bugs, planning and writing enhancements, developing and architecting new services.
The day to day
  • Write React view components.
  • Write React container components, actions, reducers.
  • Write server side business logic.
  • Write sql queries to read and update the database.
  • Write server side tasks, migrations, scripts.
  • Write and maintain unit tests for the above.
  • Investigate tickets / bugs and update tests and modify code to solve them.
  • Perform reviews of other developers pull requests and offer feedback when necessary.
  • Think about and help determine architectural improvements.
  • You must know javascript intimately, using it as the primary language on at least one medium-to-large project.
  • You are comfortable with the event driven nature of the javascript runtime, and able to think asynchronously.
  • You are familiar with basic functional programming techniques.
  • You are comfortable on the command line in a unix-like environment.
  • You have some experience with version control such as git.
  • You have some experience with a modern client-side web framework such as React.
  • You can work independently and in a self-directed manner.
  • You can work collaboratively with other team members, asking for or offering assistance when needed.
  • You have strong written and verbal communication skills.
Interested? Please forward your resume and any questions to