September 21, 2017

Statement from Blucadia CEO, Rob McDermott, regarding SPD off-duty investigation

Blucadia provides a simplified, fair, transparent and accountable off-duty solution for customers, law enforcement agencies and officers.

Our business is 100% pro Cop. Our company was co-founded by Drew Finley, a veteran Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy, with the express purpose of providing more off-duty opportunities for Cops, to reduce the time needed to find off-duty work, and to get paid much more quickly for the work they do. We don’t believe a Cop’s access to off-duty opportunities should be restricted because of their lack of seniority, or because they don’t know the right people.

At the same time, the Blucadia Marketplace gives Departments, like SPD, the ability to monitor and manage off-duty activity by their Cops, and gives them insight into all off-duty activity in their Department. The Marketplace also makes it much easier for Customers to secure the services of an off-duty Cop, without having to call multiple phone numbers, or negotiate rates with individual Cops.

We firmly believe that the issues being investigated involve only a few bad actors – in our experience, most Cops are deeply devoted public servants, and we are deeply grateful for their service. We look forward to continuing to work with all fair-minded members of the law enforcement community, with the goal of making the off-duty process more simple, fair, transparent and accountable for all participants.

- Rob McDermott

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Meet the Team

Blucadia is a small, innovative startup in the process of transforming a multi-billion dollar marketplace. We’re located in a beautiful, modern office space in downtown Olympia, Washington. We’re always on the lookout for talented, highly collaborative team members that can help us grow.